viernes, abril 30, 2010

Jessica curran u

Babettes gæstebud

I’d rather take the long and winding road, and never arrive, than the highway to-
bachelor in economics-a car- three dogs-a baby girl-later divorcee-with a cat and three new teenaged sons. I’d rather never arrive anywhere, but camp on the road, collecting flowers, laying my gaze on fantastic views and facing dangerous animals. I comfort myself in knowing that with art- I will never be fully taught. I can improve myself every day. Isn’t this an analogue to life? Should we not improve ourselves on any level of existence? Never give up. Be true to yourself. When you have a wish of becoming something, the desire comes from inside you hence it’s already is a part of you. The idea already changed you. We are one with time, relative creatures. We are millions of theories and synthesis which agrees and disagrees. We cannot be defined. We are only ourselves. You cannot be someone else. This is the wonder of you- you unique human being. Your creation should be an extension of yourself, and the more you put into it, the more other people can take out of it. Your creation is not a social behavior; it’s a relationship with yourself. Would you ever cheat on yourself? Why be pretentious? Be honest. Integrity, vitality, confidence. You cannot be someone else. Unique, fantastic human being.
I’d rather have tried and failed. I’d rather have loved and been heartbroken. I’d rather experience a lot of pain, than to be comfortably num.

*As a final comment concerning integrity and art; I do believe that seeing a dubbed movie is like putting ketchup on Babette’s turtle soup…

2 comentarios:

Caitlin dijo...

AMEN! To the ketchup and the turtle soup! Well said :)

Jorge Egea dijo...

¿quizá un poco de ketchup no sea tan malo? sobre todo porque la lengua original es el danés. De todos modos, el doblaje es algo muy enraizado en la cultura española...